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2018 日本《我爱你,善良的主妇》I Love You Nice Housekeeper [MP4/迅雷电影]

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导演: 池岛丰
主演: 由爱可奈 / 松井理子 / 山口真里 / 那波隆史 / 竹本泰志
类型: 情色
制片国家/地区: 日本
语言: 日语
上映日期: 2015-10-23(日本) / 2018-02-02(日本)
片长: 70分钟
又名: I Love You Nice Housekeeper


Yasuzo (Nanshi Takafumi) who lost his wife and lived alone in a large family house. The three daughters also married and became independent. With his age, he has weakened his legs, and recently he has been forgotten. The third daughter, Mari Matsui, who worries about Taizo, and takes care of something, proposes a story with her husband and three for one day, Taizo who fell down and hit her waist. Taizo who was moved to Marie's devoted care was accepted. After that, I think that it was not supposed to be such a thing in the Panther change of Mali who behaved as if there was Taizo in the life of the husband center, the life of the husband center, and the business of the married couple who had been able to be able to leak after a year. Yuzo minegishi (Yayoi), a young woman with a little shadow, appears before Taizo. It was Taizo who made a heart to meet with the man who lived alone with a man, and was able to live.

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