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2018 韩国《特别的服务》Special Service [MP4/迅雷电影]

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룸싸롱 맛있는 ì„œë1„스


导演: 조태호
主演: 김희정 / 윤다현 / 최철민
类型: 情色
制片国家/地区: 韩国
语言: 韩语
上映日期: 2018-08-09(韩国)
片长: 67分钟
又名: Delicious Room Salon Service


"Our store is different, come and experience a new kind of service!" 
A room salon isn't doing well. There's only Min-joo on duty. One day, a beautiful girl called Joo-hee comes looking for a job and Min-joo and her boss gets her to work as a call-girl. The store soon becomes famous for its luxurious treatment and service and sales increase. The owner suggests they move up to Gangnam and they all get excited...

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